During the past 17 years, I have been working in three main areas of research: 


My research agenda regarding terrorism and political violence have evolved along two main paths. The first has involved extensive exploration of the ways polities may respond to terrorism or other manifestations of political violence. The second path endeavors to present theoretical and analytical frameworks for explaining some of the current and prominent features of political violence, such as religious terrorism, suicide terrorism, political assassinations, Far-Right violence, and the emergence of communal social networks that are drawn to political violence.


My research in the field of security policy and politics focuses on the study of the relations between the political system, society, and the security establishment. More specifically, I have explored how political and social processes can shape national security doctrine, as well as the factors influencing motivation to engage in civil duties related to national security, such as serving in the reserve forces.


Lastly, I'm also studying manifestations of political extremism in the Middle Eastern context, mainly those which are related to the Israeli-Arab conflict.   





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