I believe that research and teaching are complementary fundamentals of my profession. This is not just because of the many times ideas for research projects emerged from a particularly effective class discussions that I had with my students, but also because my engagement in research has had a significant influence on my development as a scholar and on my understanding of the discipline, including its limitations, attributes which I believe have also made me a better teacher.


I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with students, and to help them to develop the intellectual, cognitive and analytical skills that are so important for their ability to maximize their potential as engaged citizens.





University of Massachusetts Lowell (2016-current)


  • Terrorism – International and Domestic (Fall, 16; Spring, 17; Fall, 17)

  • Graduate Seminar in Terrorism Studies (Fall, 16)

  • Graduate Research Seminar in Terrorism (Spring, 17)

  • Domestic Terrorism and Extremism (Fall, 17)

  • Intelligence Analysis: Policy and Practice (Summer, 17)


US Military Academy at West Point (2010-2016)


  • Politics and Governments of the Middle East (Spring, 14)

  • Violent Conflicts in the Middle East (Spring, 14)

  • Internal Conflicts and Civil Wars (Spring, 12; Spring, 13)

  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (Spring 11; Fall 12; Fall, 13; Spring, 13; Fall, 14; Fall, 15; Spring 15)


Stony Brook University (2008-2010) 

  •   Politics and Religion in the Middle East (Fall 10)

  •  Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (Fall, 08; Spring 09; Fall 10)

  •  Issues in Israeli Politics and History (Fall, 08)

  •  The Radical Right in Israel and Europe (Spring, 09; Spring 10)


The University of Haifa (2003-2007)

  •  Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (Fall 03; Spring, 04, 07)

  •  Research Methodology and Statistics (Fall, 05, 06; Spring, 06)

  •  Introduction to Comparative Politics (Fall, 06)

  •  Political Socialization (Fall, 03)

  • Radical Right in Israel and Europe (Spring, 04, 05)

  •  Introduction to the Israeli Political System (Spring 07,08)

  •  Issues in Israeli Political System (Spring, 06)

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